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South Shore University Hospital’s award- winning Emergency Medicine Wellness Program is based on seven pillars of wellness. These pillars provide our foundation and are physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, emotional, financial and

social wellness. Why so many pillars? We recognize every individual has different needs.


Our goal is to assist our residents in developing whatever area of wellness is important to him or her. Our residents and ED staff receive a weekly email about various areas of wellness, along with information on hospital-sponsored programs, events around Long Island and an easy, nutritious recipe to try out. There are monthly lectures on a variety of wellness topics, and plenty of outdoor social events to help promote team building.


As we have had, and still have, COVID guidelines to follow, we find creative ways to have fun using online platforms. Our residents are encouraged to reach out to me for help at any time, whether they need to know where to get the best homemade ice cream, (Coyle’s is awesome!) or need help finding a dentist. I love helping our team develop skills that will enable them to have long, healthy careers in emergency medicine.



Dr. Heidi Levine

Director of Wellness and Patient experience 

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