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Benefits & Compensation

As of 2022, Northwell is currently providing the following salaries to residents:

  • PGY-1              $77,000

  • PGY-2              $80,000

  • PGY-3              $82,000


Health and Welfare Benefits:

  • Choice of 3 medical plans, along with prescription coverage, 2 dental plans through Cigna, vision coverage through Davis Vision, flexible spending accounts through Payflex

  • Benefits begin day 1. Cost of premiums highly subsidized through employer

  • Short-Term Disability coverage up to 12 weeks salary continuation, followed by 50% Employer Paid or 60% option, automatic Long-Term Disability offered at 60% Employer Paid

  • First six weeks of the first approved medical, parental, or caregiver leave(s) of absence – 100% fully paid

  • Life Insurance offered at 1.5 times base salary up to $500k, additional supplemental Life Insurance between 1 to 5 times base salary up to $1 million


  • 401K Matching Program for Residents and Fellows

    • Effective July 1, 2022​

    • Immediate Eligibility

    • Employer Match up to 3% of voluntary contribution

    • 100% vesting (and fully transportable) after 2 years of employment. Each year counts towards future attending vesting period- even if there is an interruption in Northwell employment (e.g. leaving for fellowship elsewhere and then returning as an attending)


Malpractice Insurance: Full coverage, including tail, provided by Northwell

Vacation: 20 days of paid time off per contract year.


Uniforms/Swag: we provide scrubs and white coats, as well as one swag item such as fleece or sweatshirt

Parking: free access to the hospital parking garage


Meal Allowance: approximately $190 is added monthly to supplement food expenses.


Academic Stipend: $1000 per resident for expenses related to any reasonable academic mission. Most commonly, residents use these funds to offset the cost of Step 3.


Support to attend conferences: at any time throughout residency training, if any scholarly activity is accepted for presentation to a national or regional conference, the residency program will fund and support your attendance.

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