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Welcome to emergency simulation at South Shore University Hospital! Simulation plays a substantial role in both residency as well as interdisciplinary education in the emergency department. The goal of our simulation program is to improve learner comfort, medical knowledge, technical skills, and teamwork when managing high-acuity, low occurrence (HALO) scenarios while maintaining psychological safety and reducing harm to patients.


For resident education, we are fortunate to have access to Northwell’s Patient Safety Institute at the Center for Learning and Innovation. This state-of-the-art facility contains several high-fidelity manikin simulators, task trainers, as well as access to high-quality standardized patients, and simulation educators and technicians. Simulation-trained faculty and fellows are present for each educational session to enhance learner experience.


In addition to attending the Patient Safety Institute, South Shore University Hospital residents have ample on-campus learning opportunities using simulation. We use task trainers and mid-fidelity manikins to enhance procedural skills. Using a hybrid simulation model, faculty strive to enhance medical knowledge and team dynamics by exposing learners to HALO scenarios.


Since its “simception,” the simulation program at South Shore University Hospital has developed and implemented several in-situ simulation programs. Using a variety of debriefing techniques, we use simulation to encourage interdisciplinary learning, technical skill training, team dynamics, and identification of latent safety threats within our emergency department.


For more information, please take a look at our newsletter, “SSUH Simfluencer,”to see what our Sim Squad has been up to!

L Cooke Headshot.png

Lauren Cooke-Sporing, DO, MS

Director of Simulation

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