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Medical Student Rotation

On behalf of our student clinical rotation leadership, Dr. Matthew Schwartz, DO (clerkship director) and Dr. Cameron Sweeney, MD (assistant clerkship director), we would like to welcome and introduce you to the student clerkship Northwell Health’s South Shore University Hospital (SSUH). South Shore University Hospital. We are an official designated medical student teaching site through the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell as well as the New York Institute of technology- College of Osteopathic Medicine. We also are excited to welcome students from any accredited US MD or DO institution via the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Service (VSLO).

Throughout your 4-week rotation with us, students have an average of 16 shifts. These shifts are distributed across a variety of practice settings that you would find in most emergency Departments, including ours. You will primarily receive training in our Main/Acute areas of our emergency Department. However, you will also have some exposure to our Super track area, an indispensable experience in your emergency medicine training, where you will have the opportunity to be gain experience with simple procedures such as suturing, splinting, and incision and drainage. In addition, students are also placed in a “critical care” shift, focusing on the art of resuscitation and being exposed to the most acute patient presentations in medicine. In the four weeks of your rotation, you will be guaranteed two “golden weekends”. Finally, while the vast majority of your shifts are during the day, your comprehensive emergency medicine experience will include two night shifts, and the unique pathology that entails.


At SSUH, we pride ourselves on our educational structure and dedication. You are paired with one attending with or without one resident for your shift, ensuring ample and intimate instruction. Every Wednesday, students accompany our residents to their weekly didactic conferences, which contain an assortment of lectures from both attendings in our department as well as our specialist colleagues, workshops, round table discussions, journal analyses, case presentations, and educational games. SSUH also takes advantage of the educational resources of Northwell Health for our weekly didactic sessions. Our students often accompany our residents to Northwell’s state of the art simulation center, and even to Northwell’s Bioskills cadaver lab, which provides a unique opportunity to practice procedures on human cadaveric tissue. Finally, at varied times throughout the year, our weekly didactic for students and residents may consist of a regional emergency medicine day conference (ie. ALLNYCEM conference). Students are fully incorporated into our residency activities, even being invited to wellness and social events.


Students who rotate at SSUH get distinct instruction as well. Throughout your rotation, we offer dedicated student workshops on basic suturing and splinting skills, airway management, and case-based learning on approaches to evaluating common ED chief complaints. Students are asked to give a short and informal presentation in which they present the data on an intriguing question they encountered in emergency medicine (ie. Is it better to treat rapid afib with beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers?). The rotation concludes with a multiple choice exam authored by a leading EM organization to ensure meticulous and accurate assessment. 


The physicians, residents, and staff of our Emergency Department have embraced their role in medical student education. We have crafted a thorough educational experience and hope you will consider us in your educational planning. 


Matthew Schwartz, DO

Clerkship Director

Sweeney Cameron fs.jpeg

Cameron Sweeney, MD

Assistant Clerkship Director

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