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Specialty Tracks 

The residency program's specialty tracks are an optional and voluntary set of longitudinal experiences during residency, designed to provide residents with a unique and more personalized experience in an area of interest that they wish to explore. Each fellowship is led by faculty members who have themselves completed post-residency fellowship training in their area of expertise. Residents who participate in these programs will be mentored by the director of the mini-fellowship, gaining specialized training that complements emergency medicine training and provides participating residents with unique opportunities for development.


Faculty Director: Dr. Apterbach

Clinical Research

Faculty Director: Dr. Garg

Critical Care

Faculty Director: Dr. Frank

EMS and Disaster Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Guszack

Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Choi

Medical Education

Faculty Directors: Dr. Cooke and Dr. Apterbach

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Garra


Faculty Director: Dr. Baranchuk

Wilderness Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Gupta

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