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WellEM, June 5, 2023

Hello to all,

I hope everyone is getting a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather! There are a lot of wellness offerings this month, so take a look at all of the attachments!

Our own Sydney Smith has another "Walk on the Wild Side" on June 15th! Posters are all over the department with details. Get some steps in and enjoy nature at the same time.

June is also PRIDE month! There are many activities celebrating our LGTBQ community this month. Please consider stopping by a tabling event, or participating in an activity.

Speaking of Pride month, it is so important for ALL OF US to accept ourselves, and others, for who we are and who they are. Acceptance builds self-esteem, which leads to positive emotional wellbeing, a growth mindset, improved social connections and career success. Those are all important parts of well-being,

SSUH Wellness Committee is sponsoring an event on June 30th. If you have a side business that you are looking to promote, and/or to sell your products, please contact me( for tabling information. This event is to help promote our employees!

Check out these sites for events around town:

Stay safe. Have a great day!


Dr. Heidi Levine

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