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Bay Shore EM Wins NYACEP Residency Program Wellness Award!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Once again, the dedicated efforts of our faculty have been recognized by the leadership team at NYACEP. This year, Bay Shore EM has been selected to win NYACEP's Residency Program Wellness Award. Our Director of Wellness and Patient Experience, Dr. Heidi Levine, has spearheaded efforts to ensure that our faculty, staff, and residents have access to the resources they need to best care for themselves and their patients. NYACEP has chosen to highlight seven key aspects of what we do here at Southside:

  1. Wellness team meetings

  2. Resources including: Employee Wellness Website;  “MYjoyable” app; Employee Health Services; Health Physician Partners; Employee Assistance Program; Physician Resource Network; Project Outreach Recovering Medical Professionals Program; Committee for Physician Health; Health Chaplaincy Services; Talk About it Tuesday; Residency Behavioral Health Support Specialist; monthly newsletter

  3. Schedules strictly adhering to the duty hour mandate

  4. Dedicated resident office space, physician parking, meal allowance, mileage reimbursement for times residents rotate to other facilities

  5. Dedicated mentors throughout residency

  6. Established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  7. Policies prohibiting any form of discrimination, harassment or mistreatment based on religious, sexual, gender or race difference

Additionally, our Ultrasound Director, Dr. Nadia Baranchuk, was selected to sit on the NYACEP Education Committee and recently spoke about the importance of wellness at the NYACEP Resident Day. We are so proud of the work they do!

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