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WellEM, November 15, 2021

Hello to all,

Being a healthcare provider means that we have some great personal characteristics; selflessness, dedication and the desire for excellence. These are wonderful traits to have, but as much as they work for us, especially in our chosen field, they also can work against us. We tend to put others first. This applies in and out of work. That's okay if it is not a regular practice. However, many of us do this frequently. It's not healthy. We need to put our own oxygen masks on first, before helping others. Think about it. Self-care is actually a public health priority. There is nothing selfish about it. If you are not at your best, you cannot be at your best for others. It's important to make sure you take time to nourish your body and spirit. Follow a healthy eating plan, but remember it's important to treat yourself to something maybe not so healthy, here and there. Take time to meditate, practice yoga or connect with nature. Challenge yourself and learn something new or catch up with friends. Make time for yourself, and do whatever it is that brings you joy. Even if that means getting up a few minutes early in order to appreciate a great cup of coffee, before rushing off to work. When you make yourself a priority, you can truly be at your best for others.

Stay safe. Have a great week!


Dr. Heidi Levine


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