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WellEM, November 1, 2021

Hello to all,

I want to discuss the importance of social connection. Our relationships in and out of work act as important coping mechanisms and have a powerful influence on our health. Social isolation puts us at risk for heart disease and premature death. Our friends, family and colleagues nurture our well-being by giving us acceptance and empathy. They help us build our own sense of self-esteem which in turn, builds resilience. Check in with your colleagues during your shifts, especially if they seem stressed. This includes physicians. Physicians are traditionally unwilling to ask for help when in distress. Peer support, more than any other resource, is the most common source of support for physicians. Peer support however, is for ALL of us. Sometimes just the act of sharing a stressor will actually lessen the degree of stress you are experiencing. And, you may even gain a new perspective on how to deal with your stress. Don't be afraid to reach out to your peers, your family and your friends for support. We all thrive, when we help each other.

This Wednesday is the holiday of DiWali. It is an Indian holiday that celebrates the return of Lord Rama from the forest, where he was victorious over King Ravana. It is a celebration of light over darkness. People ask for the blessing of the Goddess Lakshmi at this time, especially for the blessing of wealth. Traditionally people make rangoli, colorful decorations throughout the home, and especially at the entrance of the home to welcome guests and the Goddess herself. The colors are believed to bring tranquility, and positive energy into the home. Henna "tattos" are also part of the holiday. Samosas, are just one of many delicious snacks served to guests. Enjoy the samosa recipe attached, and Happy DiWali to all who celebrate the holiday!

Don't forget to check out this month's Wellness Workshops!

Stay safe! Have a great week!


Dr. Heidi Levine

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