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WellEM, May 30, 2022

Last night I watched a documentary on the comedian George Carlin. Some of you may remember him. For those who don't, you may recognize his voice as the narrator on the "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories. In a routine that he performed some time before 2008, he talked about guns. He said that gun shop owners get lists of people who stole credit cards, but they don't get lists of people who are violent or have mental illness. He mentioned a movement at that time where there was talk of banning TOY guns, but not real ones. Ironic but true. Here we are, at least 14 years later, dealing with yet another gun tragedy. I am not recommending that anyone gives up their right to bear arms. I am strongly recommending practicing gun safety. I am heartbroken and angry about the senseless violence that comes through our doors, infiltrates our communities, and injures and kills people on a daily basis. As advocates of health and wellness, it is up to us to teach and encourage safety in every way possible. On a day where I honor members of my family who served in the military, I choose to honor them by promoting safe gun practice. Let's continue to be the leaders who keep our communities safe.

Stay safe! Have a great week!


Dr. Heidi Levine

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