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WellEM, March 6, 2022

Hello to all,

We know that social interaction is an important factor in resilience. Did you know that social interaction with your pet can also have positive effects on your emotions? Studies show that playing with you pet, brushing, walking, etc. leads to decrease stress, anxiety and depression. spending time with your pet, or someone else's pet, can boost your mood and happiness even more than watching something on social media! It's true!! People who interact with animals have decreased levels of PTSD and loneliness. These interactions also lead to neurogenesis, the building of new positive pathways in the part of the brain where we deal with emotions. My dog, Cookie, always greets me enthusiastically when I come home from a shift. I have to say that greeting can really put a smile on my face!

Stay safe! Have a great week!


Dr. Heidi Levine

Please consider giving to the Ukraine relief effort. You can donate money or bring in needed supplies. Lists of needed items are posted throughout the department.

Save the dates - March 21 EM Dept Trivia night on TEAMS, and March 22 is Crazy Sock Day!

Congratulations to Drs: Baranchuk, Citarella, Cooke, David and Shi for having presentations and abstracts accepted at this year's Society of Academic Emergency Medicine's National Conference! They are making SSUH EM history as we celebrate Women's History Month!!!

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