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WellEM, January 2, 2022

Hello to all,

Many of us make New Year's resolutions. Few of us keep them. Does that mean we should forget about New Year's resolutions? The answer is "no." Most resolutions deal with some type of self-improvement, like a healthier life style, meeting career goals and improving relationships. The act of making a resolution itself, can be a big positive in our lives. In a recent Forbe's article, therapist Tracy Brower states that making a resolution gives you an honest look at what you want to improve in your life and gives you intention. She further states that resolutions give us hope and optimism that motivates us into action. By improving yourself, you have a positive effect on others, and may even inspire them to improve themselves.

In order to keep your resolutions, Thomas Koulupoulos, Founder of the Delphi Group, encourages people to understand making a resolution into a reality involves a process. You have to have enough self-discipline to take the steps needed to make your goal a reality. Finally, psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert advises people to make their goals specific, frame them in a positive way, and don't let others influence your resolutions.

I believe in the power of living with intention, and accept that there will be days that I will not achieve all of the goals that I set for myself. On those days, I forgive myself, and look forward to getting back on track the next day. Whatever your resolution is, I hope you enjoy the process of reaching your goals, forgive yourself on the days that you don't follow your path, and understand that every day is an opportunity to start over.

I wish all of you good health and happiness in this new year.


Dr. Heidi Levine

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