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WellEM, February 28, 2022

Hello to all,

Did you ever think that reading a book could improve your health? Well, it can. Studies show that reading can help combat chronic stress, which may lead to cynicism, and disengagement. Reading increases empathy, helps us understand groups outside our personal experience and decreases stress. It lessens loneliness and increases work life balance. Reading can also lead to increased mindfulness, optimism, happiness, and positive emotions. People who read have less depression and anxiety.

Books are vehicles of imagination, self-discovery and self-help. They allow you to reflect upon

your own personal challenges, and even lend you support on how to deal with them. March 2nd is "Read Across America" Day. Check out some reading suggestions from the SSUH Wellness Committee! Whether you like fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, get comfortable, grab a book, and enjoy some personal well-being time!

Stay safe! Have a great week!

Best, Dr. Heidi Levine

Supports and Diversions: Check out our new WELLNESS BOARD! We have weekly tips and challenges to help you THRIVE with the Thrive app, and tips for your own well-being!!

March 1, 2022 National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! See above recipes. Some made with Almond Butter due to Peanut allergies, but you can substitute. The cafeteria will have a meal made with PB March 1! Also try the recipe for vegetable stew. A great dinner idea for Meatless Mondays!

Coming Mid-March - "Crazy Sock Contest" Information coming!

Save the date: March 21 Trivia Night

Drop in for resilience skill building!

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