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WellEM, February 13, 2022

Hello to all,

This week's topic is social connection. Social well-being is one of seven pillars that wellness is built upon. As we deal with our emotions as COVID numbers once again decline, many of us are hoping for more connectivity. As we should. Our social connections are vital to survival. Lack of social support can lead to premature mortality, cardiovascular disease, depression and cognitive decline. Our social interactions provide us with acceptance, affection, emotional understanding, empathy and a sense of self-esteem. Friends, family and co-workers give us advice, assistance and information that helps us in our everyday lives. Social connection has also been shown to be important in recovering from PTSD. We are fortunate to work in an environment that requires us to have social interactions, with patients and with each other. Let's continue to help each other heal and grow, both individually and as a team,

*This month is Black History Month. The "27136" flyer above has multiple activities to help celebrate this important month. Other things you can do to celebrate are: learn about the history of Black History month, support Black-owned businesses and restaurants, donate to Black Charities, or visit a Black History Museum.

*Drop-in resilience sessions are being offered to all. Please see flyer above.

*Save the date, SSUH ED Trivia night, March 21 on Teams. Email invite coming.

This week's recipe is for a Classic Tuscan Vegetable Soup. Easy, healthy, and delicious!

Stay safe. Have a great week! Happy Super Bowl ! Happy Valentine's Day!(HR giving out chocolate by the cafeteria on Valentine's Day!)


Dr. Heidi Levine

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