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WellEM, December 19, 2021

Hello to all,

This week I want to discuss an often-neglected part of self-care. It's taking care of your feet. The foot has 28 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, 13 extrinsic muscles and 21 intrinsic muscles. That's a lot to consider! The average person walks 100,000 miles in their lifetime. If you work in the emergency department, you are probably going to take a lot more steps than that! Our feet provide us with stability and mobility. Foot problems can affect posture, legs, work performance, and ability to exercise. This puts you at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, loss of endurance and muscle mass. Loss of mobility can even lead to anxiety and depression. Foot health is important. Here are four easy exercises to do after a long day on your feet that will keep your feet healthy. Hold each position for ten seconds and repeat ten times:

  1. Point your toes like a ballerina.

  2. While standing, raise your heels so you are balancing on the balls of your feet. This strengthens and tones your intrinsic muscles.

  3. Sit cross legged so that the opposite ankle rests on your thigh. On the side that is crossed over, bend the toes towards your shin on that side. This is for your plantar fascia.

  4. Toe curls - try to pick up small items off of the floor with your toes. This strengthens the bottom of the foot.

It takes a little under 7 minutes to complete these exercises. And, if you're still not sure what to put on your Christmas wish list, or to gift someone on your list, a foot massage or a great pair of sneakers with lots of cushioning on the insole is always a great idea! Stay safe, have a great week and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


Dr. Heidi Levine *Check out the sugar cookie recipe attached. It's an old family recipe that I am happy to share! **If you are feeling down, please consider one getting support. Our behavioral health resources are attached above, and are free and confidential. About town: - check out the train display and Christmas break activities for the kids that run through January 2nd. - there's tons of activities going on! picture:

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