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WellEM, April 3, 2022

Hello to all,

With the arrival of spring and three major religious holidays( Ramadan, Passover and Easter) this month, I thought we could take a few minutes to focus on renewal. Afterall, spring is the time that the earth renews itself. It's also a good time for us to renew ourselves. Self-renewal is a revving up our energy source, the things that inspire us and allow us to live closer to our true identities.

Tony Robbins, a well-known philanthropist, life and business strategist, made these recommendations to help you renew yourself.

  1. Unplug - give yourself time to not respond and be in the moment.

  2. Increase your self-awareness. Take time to think about all the things you do well, and the things you want to change about yourself.

  3. Make your own blueprint. Think about where you want to be, how you want to live and what you want to do with your life. It's your choice.

  4. Think about what drives you, meaning, what is your purpose?

  5. Change patterns that stop you from doing what you want to do.

  6. Stop your negative self-talk.

  7. Success lies in the small choices we make every day. Empower yourself by adopting positive habits.

  8. Surround yourself with positive people.

  9. Practice gratitude. Appreciate all the goodness in your life.

  10. Face your fears. It's hard to step outside of your comfort zone but by doing so, you open up new possibilities and skills.

  11. Give back. Contributing to something outside of yourself helps you realize how full your life is, and gives you a higher purpose.

Enjoy your journey of self-renewal!

Stay safe. Have a great week.


Dr. Heidi Levine

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