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March Events, 2022


  • 3/8 7pm Northwell Women in Medicine Leadership Series: Successful Innovation and Development


    • In honor of International Women's Day, join this discussion on Female Innovation in Medicine

  • 3/9 8:15 am EMSL LGBTQ+ Healthcare Panel: The Patient Perspective


  • 3/16 11:30am Women's History Month Lecture : Gender Bias & Allyship--Are you just standing on the sidelines--How to move from Bystander to Advocate

    • Join our lecture to explore the topic of Gender Bias and how to create culture change in your environment.

    • Resident House / Teams


  • 3/11 6:30am--2:30pm *** Brentwood High School Career Day

    • Description: Career day hosted by SSUH. Each department will have a table to share about careers in medicine. Our EM table will be sharing information on EMS, Nursing, PAs, and Physician Roles. We will also be demonstrating skills in CPR, Stop the Bleed, and Ambu-ventilation.

    • Location: Brentwood Freshman Center

  • 3/14 11:00-12:00pm Bay Shore Career Exploration Program

    • Description: Need 1 physician to share their journey from high school to current day in their career path; talking about challenges, tips, and triumphs.

    • Location: Zoom

  • 3/19 10:00am--2:00pm Women’s Wellness Journey Program

    • Description: Year-long program to promote healthy journey of 30 women of childbearing age within North Bay Shore, Brentwood, Central Islip, and surrounding communities. Will provide wellness education and health screenings: BP, BMI, Cholesterol, Glucose.

    • Location: New Jerusalem Church, Brentwood

  • 3/31/22 6:30pm--9:30pm Girls, Inc. – Bold Future Leaders Panel

    • Description: Bold Future Leaders brings together high school girls (grades 9-12) to focus on leadership development and college and career preparedness in order to foster a bold, successful future. Planning a panel to provide the girls with a career panel of 3-6 women who work in the medical field in both patient-facing and admin roles. Panelists should be able to talk about their career path, what they do in their jobs, and how they got involved in the healthcare/medical field.

    • Location: Zoom

  • New Jerusalem Church Virtual Wellness Series (7pm via zoom)

    • March 9th: Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation

    • March 23rd: Everything You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer: Prevention, Screening & Treatment

    • April 6th: Your Mind Matters: Understanding Cultural Barriers Negatively Impacting our Collective Self-Care

  • 3/17 2:30-4:00pm Hillcrest High School "Saving Lives" Virtual Visit

    • Teaching CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed

    • Location: Zoom

Special thanks to all those who volunteered in our events during the past few months:

  • October Breast Cancer lecture: Dr. Megan Slowey

  • December Bay Shore Career Day: Dr. Heidi Levine, Dr. Sha Yan, Kyle Hopps RN, Naomi Thomas RN, Jessica Soltan RN, EMT Marc Magallanes, EMT Logan Paticoff, EMT Juliette Fienga

  • January Eastern Region High School Clinical Careers Explorer Mtg: Dr. Sha Yan

  • February Blood Pressure Screening at New Jerusalem Church: Donna Rivera RN & Nashia Williams RN

  • February Black Men in White Coats Screening: Dr. Sengal Alazar and Dr. Debby Yanes

  • March Covid Controversies Community Lecture: Dr. Sengal Alazar

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