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Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Choi

Hyperbaric and undersea medicine is a unique facet of emergency medicine practice.  Very little exposure to the field occurs during normal training in emergency medicine.  The goal of this mini-fellowship is to introduce and familiarize residents with the basic physiology of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, and the emergent, urgent, and routine applications of HBO.  Southside Hospital is uniquely located on Long Island’s South Shore with an active diving season.


Participants in the mini-fellowship will meet with the faculty director on a quarterly basis to discuss current literature and perform case reviews of patients requiring HBO therapy.  Specific areas of focus include decompression sickness (DCS), arterial gas embolism (AGE), carbon monoxide exposure, and complex wound care. First-hand visitation and experience with HBO facilities will be a priority for participants during the mini-fellowship.  Residents will provide at least one lecture during academic conferences and are encouraged to work with the faculty director for medical education in order to help develop simulation cases. 

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