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EMS and Disaster Medicine

Faculty Director: Dr. Guszack


The EMS mini-fellowship will provide residents with experiences in emergency medical services/out-of-hospital care, EMS medical direction, and disaster management/emergency planning. This mini-fellowship will provide an academic and experiential foundation to build upon for EMS fellowship and a career in out-of-hospital medicine. Southside Hospital is uniquely positioned within hospital-based, fire-based, and volunteer EMS systems, offering diverse exposure for the future EMS physician.


Throughout the entire mini-fellowship, residents will meet with the EMS director on a quarterly basis to review core topics in out-of-hospital medicine and participate in EMS ride-alongs.


During the first year, the required 2-week EMS rotation will provide an introductory experience to out-of-hospital care in emergency and non-emergency settings in order to familiarize the resident with the roles, responsibilities, and unique environment in which EMTs and paramedics work. In addition to the introductory rotation, first year residents will facilitate one evidence-based discussion on an EMS topic during weekly conference or journal club.


The second year will emphasize EMS performance, quality, and education. Residents will get help perform quality assurance with local EMS and design a quality improvement or research project. In the second half of the year, participating residents will provide one CME lecture to the local EMS providers.


The third year will focus on EMS systems management, regional administration, and with a continued focus on the quality and research projects from the previous year.  By the end of the mini-fellowship, residents will attend two Regional Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council (REMAC) meetings, participate in at least one disaster drill, and participate in a minimum of two mass gathering events.

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