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Medical Education

Faculty Directors: Dr. Cooke and Dr. Apterbach


The medical education mini-fellowship provides residents an opportunity to participate in activities to prepare them for a career in teaching and education. This longitudinal program will include both didactic activities as well as hands-on experience. Focus will be on curricular development, instructional strategies, learner assessment and program evaluation, educational leadership, technology in health professions education, and professional development. 


During the first year, residents will acquire the base knowledge and skills to help them grow as an educator.  Residents will participate in the quarterly medical education journal club and participate in the “simulation instructor course” at Northwell’s Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) which will prepare them to participate in teaching and debriefing various simulation sessions. Residents will also provide one lecture during resident weekly conference. By the end of the first year, in conjunction with faculty support, residents will develop a portfolio project to be completed by the end of residency.


The second year will see continued participation in the medical education journal club and portfolio development, with a focus on curriculum development and teaching.  Together with the course director, residents will develop a syllabus and hands-on skills session, that highlights a commonly used skill in emergency medicine, to be provided to visiting students. During the latter half of the year, residents will take part in debriefing and simulation at either CLI or an in-situ simulation event at Southside Hospital.


The third year prepares residents for teaching leadership.  In conjunction with Departmental Administration, participating residents will present a morbidity and mortality case to residents and faculty.  By mid-year, using a mannequin or standardized patient, residents will design, deliver, and debrief a simulation case to junior residents and rotating students. Participating residents will complete their portfolio project and will be encouraged to submit it to an educational conference of choosing (e.g. SAEM, CORD). 

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