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Sanjey Gupta, MD MBA

Chair, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Sanjey Gupta is the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at South Shore University Hospital and a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

Prior to starting at SSUH, Dr. Gupta was the Vice Chairman and Director of Operations of Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center in New Hyde Park. While at LIJ, he was awarded the National Emergency Department (ED) Director of the Year award from the Emergency Medicine Foundation/ACEP in 2016 due to his focus in teamwork, communication, and operational improvements utilizing improvement science.

Additionally, Dr. Gupta was the Chair of Emergency Medicine at LIJ Valley Stream and Associate Chair of the Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Queens.

Besides these administrative and operational positions, Dr. Gupta has also thrived academically in Emergency Medicine. He has educated and supervised resident physicians, medical students, and others since 2004 when he joined the core faculty at NYPQ/Weill Cornell School of Medicine (SOM). Dr. Gupta was the Assistant Residency Director for the EM Residency Training Program at NYPQ/Weill Cornell SOM. Further, he has supervised resident wilderness medicine education at NYPQ, LIJMC, and SSUH. He is the also the faculty advisor of the Wilderness Medicine club at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

Dr. Gupta originally joined Northwell as a resident at North Shore University Hospital in 2001. He rejoined the team in 2014 and began to educate and direct the site clinical rotation in EM for Hofstra University PA students at LIJ Valley Stream. Dr. Gupta now actively instructs within the first 100 days, second 100 days program and EMS training at Zucker School of Medicine. He is currently one of less than one thousand certified Fellows of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. Accordingly, he is regularly invited to speak about Wilderness Medicine and related subjects at national and regional conferences.

Dr. Gupta is also board certified in addiction medicine and has been key player in developing the ED buprenorphine program at Northwell Health as part of the SBIRT program. Additionally, he has a demonstrated track record of success in faculty development and mentorship. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the faculty development committee of SAEM.

His personal interests include adventure racing, distance relays, and cooking.

Research and Presentations
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