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WellEM, January 9, 2022

Hello to all,

We all know that we are working under difficult circumstances. One of the things that we can do to help each other is to express ourselves using the language of stress first aid.

Stress First Aid is a peer support program that teaches us to help each other cope and even thrive with challenging events that we may face in the course of our day.

We talk about our stress levels in terms of colors. More education is coming about Stress First Aid, but for now, let’s get used to taking about how we feel, using the language of Stress First Aid. It is important to note that your colors(feelings) are dynamic, and can change throughout your shift. It is critical to recognize your feelings, and reach out for help when you need it. We ALL need help sometimes. Even if it means covering someone's patients for five minutes so they can go to the bathroom!! Here are the Stress First Aid colors:

GREEN – When we are feeling green, we are ready to get to work. We are well rested and ready to do our jobs. Our stress levels are low, and we are confident that our skills will help us throughout our shift.

YELLOW – When we are feeling yellow, we are reacting. We are responding to some stressors, but are still functioning at our normal level. Likely these stressors are transient.

ORANGE – When we are feeling orange, we are injured. We are responding to trauma, loss, wear and tear, or moral injury. We are not feeling like our normal selves.

RED – When we are feeling red, we are dealing with exceptional stress and cannot function at our normal level.

If you are staying in the orange or red zone, ask for help. Please see the attached emotional support resources.

Stay safe. Please contact me if you need resources, or just want to talk. We are in this together!!


Dr. Heidi Levine

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